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What is led stage lighting ?

Led stage lighting is become more and more popular.So-called LED stage lighting are stage lighting that uses LED(light-emitting diodes) as a light source.LED light are an alternative to tradtional stae lighting which use halogen lamp or high-intensity discharge lamps.Just like other LED fixture,they have high light output with low power consumption.They are pretty energy-saving.

There are five main types of LED stage lights which are PAR cans,moving head,DJ effect and strobe light.In LED PAR cans, a round printed circuit board with LEDs mounted on is used in place of a PAR lamp.Moving head types can either be a bank of LEDs mounted on a yoke or more conventional moving head lights with the bulb replaced with an LED bank.

LED stage light can and have been used to replace any conventional lighting fixture, and some shows, such as16th Asian game,2011 Universiade,2010 Expo.etc have used only LED lighting equipment.

LED stage light can contain a number of different coloured LEDs, often Red, Green and Blue, and different light output colours can be achieved by adjusting the intensity of each LED color group. LED equipment should have a long service life relative to other options, without the expense of colour gel or replacement lamps.

LED stage light are increasingly used for live music events, most notably festivals where they are more visible than conventional lighting under daylight. LED stage light were prominently used as they are regarded as more environmentally friendly as fixture for fixture they use far less power than other lighting.

Another advantage of LED stage light is that they can be controlled directly using DMX and do not require additional dimmers; the intensity of the LEDs being adjusted by circuitry onboard the fixture. Because of their low power consumption several units can be daisy chained to one power supply.

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