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Videos: Installation, Trouble Shooting, Uninstall

Videos: Installation, Trouble Shooting, Uninstall

Xenon HID CONVERTION KIT - Installation Video

Teach you how to install a Xenon HID Convertion Kit.
Bi-Xenon HID CONVERTION KIT - Installation Video

Shows you how to install your H4 bixenon hid kit on Honda civic, 6000k high & low beam hid.
Watch the video on relay installation:
Trouble Shooting: My lights installed don't turn on!

Sometimes the connector you insert into the ballast must be reversed!. Some cars wiring is reverse polarity, so you may need to switch the polarity and that fixes the problem 99% of the time. Some vehicles simply require problem eliminators to solve "not turning on" or "Flickering effect".

H.I.D. Installation on a 2006 Audi A3

H.I.D. Installation on a Jeep

Watch the installation video done on a Jeep. Your vehicle will be similar: Please note the procedure does not require you to remove the front bumper on most vehicles, as the ballast can be installed right behind the headlight aread on an existing bolt. Some vehicles may require the headlight to move removed because of tight space behind the headlight. Usually 90% of vehicles you can install an HID kit within 30 minutes.

H.I.D. uninstallation

This is me uninstalling some HID lights on my 02 buick rendezvous. Sorry if it's boring, but just imagine that you are standing there visiting enjoying the day.