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AVE Universal LCD TPMS 4 Sensors Tire Pressure Monitor [VVME-TPMSC-AVE]

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AVE Universal LCD TPMS 4 Sensors Tire Pressure Monitor [VVME-TPMSC-AVE]

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Date Added: 12/13/2010 by jim sault
I have found this to be the best of three different after-market TPMS that I've tried. This valve attachment location has proven more durable than the band technique. The simultanous four-time readout is more user-friendly than those readouts that require a button to be pushed repeatedly to change among multiple tires. This unit has proven appropriately sensitive to low tire pressures on multiple occasions. Economical. Highly recommended.

Date Added: 12/13/2010 by Luke Haag
If you have just regular front wheel or rear wheel drive, this device could easily save you a lot of money just by preventing things like an expensive tire from being destroyed, being stranded in the hot desert with your wife and kids or something similar. I even carry a pump now in case I develop a slow leak. If you don't have TPMS and do a lot of driving....get one....THIS one!

Date Added: 12/13/2010 by benjamin rizzitello
Bought this to replace the 2002 (dated) system in my wife's car when we upgraded wheels recently. The old system would go off at 26 psi (too late) and only gave you an idiot light. This system has digital readouts of pressure and temperature. Alarm setpoints are user adjustable. We run 33PSI in the tires so I have it set for 29 PSI alarm limit. I want to know ASAP when there is a potential tire issue, not when it's happening. Too many people don't pay attention to tire pressure and end up with less tire wear due to low pressure as well as unsafe handling and poor ride. By having a digital readout of the pressure you always know where you are and can keep your hard earned money in your pocket!

Date Added: 12/13/2010 by Johnny Jørgensen
Just installed this TPMS in my Prowler to upgrade the 11 year old fading and antiquated factory system while changing tires. The price was great, even less than the cost of one factory stock tire sensor for my car, and provides so much more info. Display shows individual pressures and temps. I got rid of the cigar lighter adapter and hardwired this unit. My only complaint is that one sensor reports a 4 or 5 degree higher temp than the others when the tires are cold and at rest in the garage. Fortunately 4 or 5 degrees difference means nothing and the information is still valuable. for that price, it is a great deal...

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