24V 35W HID Ballast

24V 35W HID Ballast

One 24V 35W replacement ballast. Fits on all models of 24V xenon HID conversion kits. Protected by solid metal cases which are fully waterproof/weatherproof. Starter/Ignitor is combined with the ballast for easier installation.

  • √ 1 x 24V Normal Ballast

Technical specification

High voltage converter and ignitor
Operational input voltage 18-32 V
Maximum input current 8.5 A
Minimum voltage loaded (lamp on) 60 V
Maximum voltage loaded (lamp on) 120 V
Output voltage from ignitor
Nominal voltage 23000 V
Minimum voltage 18000 V
Lifetime >3000hours

Warranty Period: One Year

Terms: Buyer is responsible for the shipping cost involved. We will replace the item for free.

Lost during the shipping: We will ship a new item for free.

Ballast Size

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