Standard H3 HID Conversion Kit

Standard H3 HID Conversion Kit

Brand new H3 SINGLE BEAM xenon HID conversion kit. This is a genuine xenon HID kit that is E4 & ISO-9001:2000 Approved, NOT those cheap ones that do nothing at all.

These kits are Plug-n-Play and easy to install (30-40 min. for a beginner) for your specific vehicle applications and fit directly into your existing headlight assembly.
All necessary hardware for installation is included. These kits come with solid metal Waterproof / Weatherproof ballast.
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Don't be fooled by other sellers who copy our site content and sell cheap "knock-off" HID products that stop working after several months of usage. Our HID kits come with One Year Warranty directly with our factory.

When you add to cart, you can select output, enhanced accessories and color temp. you want.

Available Colors: 4300K, 5000K, 6000K, 8000K, 10000K and 12000K
Speical Colors: 3000K, 15000K, blue, pink are $9 more expensive, and green, purple are $15 more expensive.

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Technical specification
Output 35 W
Nominal voltage 85 V
Nominal light output 3200 lumen
Operating temperature -40`C-+85`C
Lifetime >3000hours
High voltage converter and ignitor
Operational input voltage 9-16 V
Maximum input current 8.5 A
Minimum voltage loaded (lamp on) 60 V
Maximum voltage loaded (lamp on) 120 V
Output voltage from ignitor
Nominal voltage 23000 V
Minimum voltage 18000 V


Warranty Period: One Year

Terms: Buyer is responsible for the shipping cost involved. We will replace the item for free.

Lost during the shipping: We will ship a new item for free.

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