24V 50/55W HID Ballast

24V 50/55W HID Ballast

One 24V 50/55W replacement ballast. Fits on all models of 24V 50/55W xenon HID conversion kits. Protected by solid metal cases which are fully waterproof/weatherproof. Starter/Ignitor is combined with the ballast for easier installation.

  • √ 1 x 24V 50/55W Ballast

Technical specification

High voltage converter and ignitor
Operational input voltage 18-32 V
Maximum input current 8.5 A
Minimum voltage loaded (lamp on) 60 V
Maximum voltage loaded (lamp on) 120 V
Output voltage from ignitor
Nominal voltage 23000 V
Minimum voltage 18000 V
Lifetime >3000hours

Warranty Period: One Year

Terms: Buyer is responsible for the shipping cost involved. We will replace the item for free.

Lost during the shipping: We will ship a new item for free.

Ballast Size

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