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LED Strip Light Features

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk lately about LEDs but since they are quite new on the market you may need some help understanding all of the led strip lights for cars features available. Most people are used to working with fluorescent lights or regular incandescent bulbs but just aren't that familiar with strip lighting and how it works. Here are some of the main features you should know about this type of LED lighting so that you can feel comfortable about making the switch over to a more economical lighting style.

There are two basic styles of LED lights available including single colors and colored LED strips that change color. They are available as a single color in white, red, blue or green and the color changing strips incorporate red blue and green lights. The strips that can change colors come with two options: either use the lighting as a solid color or have the colors change automatically. If you're not sure which type of lighting to get, go with the color changing white led strip lights and then you'll have both options to choose from.

This strip that changes color uses a special LED bulb that is able to blend the blue, green and red lights together creating an intense color spectrum. They are absolutely spellbinding to look at and if you are wanting to create an extra special effect in a room, these are the lights that you should be looking at first.

You will also have your choice between waterproof lights or ones that aren't waterproof. You'll want to opt for the waterproof lights if you're planning on attaching these lights near any type of water source in a bathroom, kitchen etc. For most uses, however, you won't need to look for waterproof lights.

The strips are available in different sizes. The common sizes being offered on the market are strips of 15 lights, 24 lights or 30 lights for every 50 cm. The more lights you use for every centimeter, the brighter the LED strip will be. They are commonly sold in 50 cm lengths but can also be found in 30 - 80 cm sizes as well.

The nice thing about these lights is they can be cut to fit any sized area. If you need a piece of lighting that is 10 cm, for instance, you can make a cut between each third light to make the strips fit right into the area that you need to work with.

An LED strip light is able to last approximately 50,000 hours or more. When you compare this to the regular lighting that you're used to, you'll see just how economical these lights really are. Not only do they last a lot longer than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs but they also consume a lot less energy when they're turned on. Instead of using the lighting you're used to that uses a lot of energy you can instead turn to LED strips in those darkened places that could use a little bit of extra light.

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