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How To Place Wholesale Orders

How to do wholesale order?

What If I Am Making A Wholesale / Bulk Order?

1) We would like you read the wholesale Price List, choose what products you would like to order. You can use our Purchse Order sample, to fill out the order detail and calculate the total amount of you Order.

2) Follow the Payment instructions, make the payment for your order.

3) Send your Purchse Order to our sales manager by Email, MSN, Fax or Phone Call.

4) Once your payment is cleared, within 12-36 hours, your order will be shipped out, and you will get email notification with online tracking number.

Can I get help form a dedicate sales and service manager?

  • Need a dedicate sales or service manager to help making order and after sales service?
  • Want to be a certified dealer of us?
  • Want to have long term relation ship and make the speical agreement with us?

    That is really easy, just by the following steps:
    • Contact us by common sales channel :
      Phone: +1 302 476 2588

    • Provide the Company / Personal information, including (Name, Country, Phone No, Email, MSN account)
    • A sales manager will be assigned to you, you will get all the contact information of his including Email, MSN, Phone. So when you want to get help you can contact him directly, if he is not aviliable, you can still contact our common sales and service channel for help.