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How To Clean A Projector

Projectors may always require some maintenance for optimum and lasting performance. A few know-hows on cleaning up may come in handy. If you’re the type who would not want to risk the lifespan of your best home theater projectors over some minor cleaning up flaws, you may need to take heed of these information.

One of the major parts of your projector that would require cleaning are the filters attached near the cooling fans. These filters easily trap dust and may get clogged, reducing the performance of your cooling system. Apart from this, inefficient filtration may result in dust accumulating on inner components of your projector, leading to major technical issues in future. Remember to clean up or change these filters regularly. Instruction manuals may have instructions on optimal times by which the filters have to be changed.

Unclean or inefficient filters may lead to the formation of visible ‘dust blobs’ on the image projected. These occurrences are not frequent. However, when they do happen, use a can of compressed air to battle the dust in the scenario. You can reverse the projector and open the filter hatch prior to cleaning it up. Wash the filter with water and dry it prior to replacing it. However, you should never allow the inside of your projector to be in contact water. Instead, you can used the canned air to spray off dust in the parts that are removed from the projector. When cleaning the dust off your projector, pay extra attention to the LCD and polarizer area. Make sure that all the dust is blown off the crevices of these areas. Also be extremely careful not to scratch or damage anything in this region. The LCD panel can be especially susceptible to scratches so do be careful.

When removing components for clean up, be sure to remember how to put them back together upon cleaning. Taking pictures of screws and positions is a good idea if you are forgetful like me. Refer to the manual too as it may be a helpful guide when removing and replacing parts of the projector.

If you carefully follow these steps and practice them appropriately in a regular fashion, you may be surprised at how you can maintain the performance of your home theater projectors 1080p. In fact, you would actually save costs on repairs and replacements with regular maintenance.

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