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16-Channel, Real Time DVR System

Everyone is familiar with the word digital video recorder (DVR), a device that records video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card or other memory mediums within a device. This surveillance instrument might not be used by everyone but is of great use because of its portability. This portable DVR system is excellent for situations where one is using a wireless hidden camera or professional camera. It only needs camera setup then the video signal is sent from the camera to the DVR for recording purpose. The dvr security system can be used for multiple purposes by private investigators, building contractors, security companies or a person who needs a stand alone portable DVR system. This multi-channel portable DVR is a stand alone system built in a heavy duty pelican case. It can be remotely configured to the Internet using interfacing port provided for TCP/IP connections.
A 16 Camera Wireless Security System means 16 cameras can be used including a combination of wired and wireless connections. It also provides smart camera settings like privacy masking, camera lock, color setting and title display. A supported 3D intelligent positioning function makes the DVR more valuable as a surveillance tool.
Moreover features including high compression standards that allows more recording in the same amount of space with high quality of picture. This compression used produces crystal clear pictures. All DVR functions are operated by remote. It offers various functions such as live recording, playback, backup and remote access.
The Best CCTV Security System comes with an outdoor/indoor 24 Night Vision color cameras, heavy duty cables and advance power supplies. The power supplies are designed for easy hookups and longer life. Furthermore, this surveillance tool is also compatible with mobile phones.
Smart surveillance needs smart video detection. For that motion detection, camera blank and video loss are the key features available. The Alarm triggering, screen tips, buzzer, PTZ preset, e-mail and FTP upload are the features which allow this system to stay ahead of similar surveillance tools. It can be concluded that a wireless cctv systems with Real time live display & record, smart video detection, supported 3D intelligent positioning function, Mobile phone monitoring, high compression standards and more storage space provides all the special care and attention that is required toward improving our business and home surveillance. It is also seen that people pay a lot because they feel that security systems are worth paying but this office and home security systems are available at affordable prices.

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