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Standard H13-1 HID Conversion Kit [VVME-HKS13-STD]

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Standard H13-1 HID Conversion Kit [VVME-HKS13-STD]

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Date Added: 02/24/2013 by Eduardo Villalpando
I chose everytime this kits because theyre the best i bought for a jeep and for two morw trucks and never had a problem

Date Added: 01/09/2012 by Fitch
Replaced two aged Silverstar bulbs. Output is brighter with a whiter light.

Date Added: 12/15/2011 by Chris W
I installed these about 3-4 weeks ago and am still tweaking the headlight adjustment to insure I am not blinding other drivers. These lights are absolutely amazing, they put out a truly white light and for the price you can't get a better product. While driving you get an improved night vision that makes seeing road signs a breeze, as they almost appear to glow.

Date Added: 02/06/2010 by hayden huber
I installed this kit in my ford expedition and have had nothing but great results. the beam pattern is just like with the halogen bulbs unlike other brands of aftermarket HID lights. A significant upgrade from the stock lights. I recommend these lights to anybody.

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