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12V 50/55W H1 HID Conversion Kits (hid headlights) [VVME-HKSH1-55W]

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12V 50/55W H1 HID Conversion Kits (hid headlights) [VVME-HKSH1-55W]

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Date Added: 03/10/2014 by Ravi Jota
which the value of sending 1 Kit Xenon H1 6000K 55W and 1 55W 8000K H3 Xenon Kit both for Brazil? ZipCode: 57038-230

Date Added: 01/01/2014 by Mark b
Had my 35w ultra slim for over a year and a half and not one problem

Date Added: 05/30/2013 by Brett Moss
Easy to install but only lasted 4 months. First the fuse holder had to be replaced due to a short. This short however made both headlamps turn on and off (flicker) at randome! Nice feature when facing a police car!!! The balast on the right side failed as well as one bulb over the 4 months. I work in the auto industry and know how to install kits like this, so keep that question out of your head. The kit was installed in a 2008 Honda Civic SI. What a headach this product is. Spend your money on something other then this!

Date Added: 02/11/2013 by Brett M
This kit is easy to install. I have smoked headlights and with this kit I can see the road better then I could before. I installed this kit on my 08 civic si, but I did however have some problems. After installation only one light worked. Easy fix though, all you have to do is switch the polarity to the second lamp and the problem is fixed. Also 3 months after I installed the kit the lights would flicker and turn off at random. Not good when you are driving 65 down a dark highway. This is an easy fix as well. I recommendwhen you first install the kit replace the fuse holder with one that is actually made well. So far so good. I hope this review helps.

Date Added: 08/10/2012 by Dwayne
Great lights solved 150 plus sets will buy more no troubles

Date Added: 03/13/2012 by zuma
I highly recommend vvme and their products ....THE HEADLIGHTS AND VVME CUSTOMER SERVICE ARE BOTH AWESOME

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