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Standard 9006(HB4) HID Conversion Kits (hid headlights) [VVME-HKS96-STD]

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Standard 9006(HB4) HID Conversion Kits (hid headlights) [VVME-HKS96-STD]

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Date Added: 11/18/2016 by Alex
Great and reliable buy. This will be my fifth time buying hid from Vimeo. I will be buying more in the future

Date Added: 08/02/2015 by Jordan Vande Guchte
I bought these from a friend in North Carolina. He put these 9006/HB4 8000k in my 2007 Civic Si to replace the cheap, short lived bulbs I had before. Ballasts were easy to mount once we got the front end apart. (Honda's compact build makes simple tasks more difficult) I sold the car years ago but now want to have reliable ones to put in my 2011 CRV. Hopefully the process goes the same; I was very satisfied with the previous lights. I only wish that there was more information with easy access on the difference in kits.

Date Added: 10/23/2014 by MIGUEL

Date Added: 10/18/2014 by michael vallejos
I think the conversion kits that you guys are someone are good problem being I have to get that I have all in and I have not gotten all return call from the company I have left 2 To 3 messages about warranty other than that I'm still using you guys cuz I do think that your product is good but if you guys wouldn't mind to give me a call about the other two that I'm sitting on I would appreciate it 720 621 7942 my name is Michael thank you and have a nice day

Date Added: 09/01/2014 by Bob Paisley
Ive tried the "eBay" conversion kits. TRUST ME. no comparison. I ran 9006 conversion kit in my 95 accord for 4 years before ever blowing a bulb, i still used the ballast in my 94 lexus gs300 before selling it. I also have them in my wife's camry and no issues at all. Just ordered my third set for my new project car, another accord (1996). I will not use any other company than VVME

Date Added: 08/30/2014 by Aaron
It was easy and always been pleased with the lights

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