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12V 50/55W 9005(HB3) HID Conversion Kit [VVME-HKS95-55W]

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12V 50/55W 9005(HB3) HID Conversion Kit [VVME-HKS95-55W]

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Date Added: 03/13/2012 by linda
vvme has excellent customer service. I have had no problems at all with the equipment!

Date Added: 03/12/2012 by john
Best advice slow down, pay attention to what you are doing, enjoy the bulbs!!!

Date Added: 02/22/2012 by Ghislain Racine
I have bought two kits of H7 55W 4300k. It's brighter and slightly whiter than regular bulbs, to this point I very happy. The first kit that I had bought was defective, du to the poor customer care, I had to pay MY SELF the second kit. Another negative point is the bad quality of the Hardness kit.

Date Added: 01/09/2012 by Earl
Noticeably brighter and slightly whiter than stock bulbs. Unlike most aftermarket bulbs, these don't put out a cheap blue hue but give a nice factory-look. These are also supposedly some of the most reliable and long-lasting bulbs of this type/price. Definitely recommend.

Date Added: 12/15/2011 by Eric
Good product + good after sale service = Excellent. I highly recommend VVME. They stands behind their product. Thank you.

Date Added: 11/17/2010 by Louis Robin
Excellent HID color and light output.I installed these 2 weeks ago and found it easy to install myself. The instructions are clear but can be better. I read other feedback for this brand in other car forums and found good reputation with them.I highly recommend anyone to buy.

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