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50/55W Bi-Xenon(Dual Beam) HID Bulbs [VVME-HB55B]

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50/55W Bi-Xenon(Dual Beam) HID Bulbs [VVME-HB55B]

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Date Added: 03/18/2014 by Jamie C.
I've been using VVME since I first heard about HID kits. Best kit by far. Ive purchased multiple kits on Ebay for friends and family trying to save money, but in the long run VVME kits have outlasted every single one. The quality of the kit and the functionality are worth every penny. I highly recommend VMME to anyone and everyone who are in search of a quality kit. And to the people who bash on the product, feel free to search for a quality kit for a better price. :)

Date Added: 11/01/2013 by Phil
I bought a 55w bi-xenon 9007 kit about 2 years ago. The light output is a huge improvement over my stock halogen bulbs. The first pair of bulbs only lasted about 1 year. I received a replacement pair for "free" but it seems that the additional warranty isn't really worth the money since they want $7-8 more for shipping on the replacements than they did for the original order(which is probably covering their manufacturing costs). I also had to get a replacement relay harness about 1.5 years after original purchase (also had to pay slightly higher shipping cost to receive). Compared to the price of more expensive kits, and the constant need for replacement of my stock halogen bulbs, I feel the cost of these kits is worth the price, even if they don't last 3000 hours like advertised. They are simple to install as long as your vehicle has somewhere to easily mount the ballast. I had to cut and extend the power and ground wires due to the distance to the connection points, which was easy for me since i'm an electrician and already had what I needed. 9007/9004 kits require the installer to identify the positive headlight wire on the vehicle, and require you to swap conductor positions on the wiring harness socket could be confusing to some people, but is fairly simple once you know what wire config you need. The ballasts are rusty on the outdside now but are still working properly. If you want HID but don't have $100-$300 these kits will give you what your looking for but will most likely require additional costs eventually

Date Added: 03/13/2012 by david
Super bright light makes a solid path on the street. nice tint of blue to show there hid

Date Added: 03/13/2012 by grove
The Kit was packaged well, It was very easy to install, less than 20 minutes. It is so brighter than the halogen bulbs, not a bad hid kit for the price!

Date Added: 03/13/2012 by jasmin
This is the 3rd kit I've bought from vvme and am very happy with the quality and speed of delivery.

Date Added: 02/23/2012 by Toby
the 55w HID bulbs are excellent but the wiring harness and the HID controller is suppose to be 50/55w but instead, it's a 35w hid controller. How do I know this? first of all the sticker as been torn of so I couldn't tell if is a 35w or a 55w hid controller but a week later, one of the 55w 8000k HID bulb was discolored due to VVME that's trying to save money by sending a cheap hid controller. I'm very disappointed because I bought the 55w bi-xenon conversion kit for more than $100. This Chinese company should include the right HID controllers.

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