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Digital Slim HID Ballast [VVME-BSTDS]

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Digital Slim HID Ballast [VVME-BSTDS]

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Date Added: 04/24/2014 by Bruce Martin
Ballast lasted 5 months, now to get a warrantied replacement, they want $10.00 for shipping, for a $10.49 part? No thanks, I will buy from Amazon for about $10 which includes shipping.

Date Added: 04/22/2014 by Bruce Martin
purchased 2 of these ballasts, one is still working, the other quit working after 5 months. Will see if I can get it replaced.

Date Added: 02/08/2012 by Lewis
this one was what i needed an works perfect an the free upgrade model solved the flicker problem !

Date Added: 01/10/2012 by Herman
hese Hid kits are awesome. The installation process was very easy, it took me n more than 10 mins. to install these.

Date Added: 06/10/2010 by jeremy moore
I have bought 25 kits over the past 5 years from VVME and everyone who asks, I tell them to buy from VVME! I have never had a ballast or bulb quit! VVME is the BEST HID company anywhere! I tried to buy from here (US), but the ballasts died in a week...if your going to buy from anyone, BUY FROM VVME!!

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