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Digital Slim H4-3(9003) Bi-Xenon HID Conversion Kit [VVME-HKB93-DSL]

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Digital Slim H4-3(9003) Bi-Xenon HID Conversion Kit [VVME-HKB93-DSL]

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Date Added: 09/07/2013 by HID PRO
high failure rate dont purchase these. low quality. plus slow startup times 10sec+

Date Added: 05/01/2013 by Ian
Total waste of time and money. One ballast didn't last the first drive. then the replacement ballast didn't last any longer. BUY AND YOU ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY!!

Date Added: 04/24/2013 by Ian from Canada
Plugged in and worked great... for the first drive. Lost both lights then one ballast completely died. Took kit off next day. VVME is replacing a ballast for 10$ shipping. Before buying, look around. THESE ARE CHEAP, BUY CHEAP GET CHEAP!!!

Date Added: 12/06/2012 by bob
HID shipped from China. Ballasts went bad in 14 days. They want me to pay to ship back to China and then pay again to get replacements. Do not buy these from vvme.

Date Added: 12/06/2012 by Bill
Do not buy these HID systems. They are not DOT approved and you will be liable for the cost of the ticket for illegal lighting. My ticket cost me $145.00 plus court cost of $35.00. So if you want to spend a day in court and approx. $180 just do it.

Date Added: 09/24/2012 by MPLOURDE
This kit is really great! The relay harness is little short in some application and you need to plant carefully where your relay harness will be positioned BEFORE starting to install it. Unless, you will may uninstall it and replace it to be able to reach the positive battery pole. I installed this kit on my Ski-Doo and my car and actuatly, both works fine.

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