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2 x Braided HDMI Cable 1.3 1080P 6ft Ferrite Core HDTV PS3 [VVME-HDMFC]

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2 x Braided HDMI Cable 1.3 1080P 6ft Ferrite Core HDTV PS3 [VVME-HDMFC]

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Date Added: 02/08/2012 by Harriet
These cables worked great for me.Save me a whole lot of money

Date Added: 01/10/2012 by Lewis
the camble is so so good.and the price is good too. i like shopping in vvme.

Date Added: 12/09/2010 by Barclay Kreth
Ran into these HDMI cables for $4 pop, so I bought three which came out to about $27 with shipping. I was a little worried, naturally, because how well can something that costs $4 possibly work? I've got everything all hooked up now though, bulky component cables tossed away, and everything works flawlessly! Video and audio are both grade A. A few people have mentioned receiving interference with the cables, the product description when I purchased these did say the cables were shielded though, and I haven't had any such problems (my cables for my TV, cable box, and Xbox are very crowded too).

Date Added: 12/09/2010 by becky farmer
It's a shame that most people aren't getting the most of their HD TVs because no retailer will carry an HDMI cable without 800% markup. I have a purchased three of these to connect my satellite receiver, DVD player and XBox 360. Everything works perfectly. HDMI cables transmit a digital signal, not analog, so there's no way to claim that you're going to get a better picture with a more expensive cable. It's either going to work or it's not. It's kind of like claiming that your digital photos will look better if you transfer them to your computer with a more expensive USB cable. The only difference can be in the durability of the cable and the insulation. I haven't had this cable long enough to prove how durable it will be, but I know I can replace it at least 6 times with shipping before I will have paid as much a standard retail HDMI cable.

Date Added: 12/09/2010 by Michael Gagné
I have only had my cables now for about 2 weeks and have not had any problems with them. I was running component cables to my HD TV and swapped them for the HDMI cables to save on the mess and clutter (1 cable instead of 5). To be honest, I can't really notice much more difference between component and HDMI. but on my Sharp Aquos I did notice that since switching to HDMI, my dvd player can now pump movies out at 720i instead of the 480i it was doing before with the other cables. For the price of these cables you cannot go wrong don't be suckered into buying the "name brand" cables that charge you a monster price.

Date Added: 12/09/2010 by Adrian Lavric
There are already almost some reviews on this 1.3b HDMI cable, so how can I possibly add anything to the comments? Well, I'm not going to emphasize the technical part of this cable. I will simply say this, I went to Walmart to get one, the cheapest they had was $39.95, I went to Best Buy, the cheapest they had was $59.95. THIS IS FOR A $4 CABLE , FOLKS...made in CHINA. How , i said is the $59.95 cable BETTER than this one for a mere 4 bucks or less? Well, I happened to buy a 3' cable spur of the moment when i got my first HDMI connective DVD player. It was over $20...I purchased this cable to hook up a new receiver and changed them around just to compare. IF, and that is a big if, there is any difference, I cannot tell it with the naked eye! Someone is getting rich. I will buy several of these, the price is GREAT, ok, so you have to pay a little S/H. Big Deal, You could still buy 10 of these to 1 of the higher priced cable and not tell the difference. Good Product, ABSOLUTE BARGAIN OF A PRICE!

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