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Hanging 50w flood light bulb can shade of fabric, glass or ceramics.

Alternatively a chandelier can be in different colors or made of different materials too. Having a tall ceiling is important if you want to have hanging 10W 16 color Flood Light as you don't want people banging their heads. Otherwise you can buy with confidence and make your hallway or sitting room or bedroom really stand out from the crowd.

No article about indoor GU10 9W Warm White Spot Light would be complete with discussing ceiling lighting or pendant lights. In the middle of the room, a hanging light of some kind can look fantastic. By immediately drawing in the eye you can really make a statement with whatever you decide to hang there. In bathrooms they work well although it is vital that you choose special types designed for bathrooms. With all the water and steam in the room, it is vital that you have lights able to withstand it - water and electricity are a bad combination. By using 50w flood light bulb, you can ensure your bills are kept to a minimum too as these use less electricity to run and therefore save you money.

Whether it is the vintage look you are going for or a more traditional design, there are plenty of 7w Corn light or pendants to choose from. You can even have a chandelier hanging there if you want to go for classic elegance. For any electrical fitting for such purposes, an IP65 safety E27 Cool White Corn Lamprating is required, which means it is capable to resisting direct jets of water, albeit low powered jets, as well as dust and other potentially damaging ingressions.

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