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Difference Between LED Downlight and LED Spotlight

1. LED downlight

LED downlight is classified as open installed one and built-in installed one. For open installed one, you can directly install it without opening hole or suspended ceiling. For built-in installed one, you need purchase as per reserved hole or open a hole as per purchased size, and then install it with opening hole and suspended ceiling, normally, it has 2inch, 2.5 inch and 3 inch, the larger the size, the higher the body of light is. If you have high requirement for the depth of suspended ceiling, install the ceiling height above 13 cm for LED downlight (if the suspended ceiling is shallow, you can install ceiling spotlight or horizontal spotlight). LED light source is more energy-saving and beautiful, normally LED downlight is diffusion effect and light angle is fixed.

2. LED spotlight

LED spotlight is also known as LED ceiling light, classified as built-in installed one and open installed one. Open installed spotlight is classified as sitting one and orbiting one. For built-in installed one, you need purchase as per reserved hole or open a hole as per purchased size, normally, the hole is about 7-7.5cm, smaller one is5-5.5cm or 5.5-6cm and bigger one is 8-8.5cm. Larger one is used in lounge ceiling and background wall, smaller one is used in cocktail cabinet, shoes cabinet and etc set. The hole of LED ceiling lightis relatively smaller than downlight and requires shallower depth of ceiling.

3. Difference between LED downlight and LED spotlight

Led spotlight has spotlight effect (LED ceiling light has diffusion light source), LED downlight is mainly used as subsidiary lighting in corridor due to its spotlight effect relatively to main light, its diffusion is 120. LED ceiling light is mainly used to emphasize the atmosphere due to its obvious spotlight effect, it emits 30-60, the angle of most light sources of LED ceiling light is adjustable used in picture and background wall lighting, or accent lighting surrounded the suspended ceiling.

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