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1 x CCTV Outdoor Surveillance Camera Color 1/3\" Sony CCD Weatherproof [VVME-ODCSY-001]

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1 x CCTV Outdoor Surveillance Camera Color 1/3\" Sony CCD Weatherproof [VVME-ODCSY-001]

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Date Added: 02/08/2012 by Hermosa
Plug everything in and your set. Interface is very intuitive, remote monitoring works great. With this card, I don't have that trouble so much.

Date Added: 01/15/2012 by Lard
This DVR is relatively easy to set up. The internet part is mind boggling though. I even loaded the software on my Blackberry and I can only view my cameras on my phone if I use my wi-fi, regardless of how I set it up. A little pointless. Customer service is moderately helpful, but there is a serious communication/language gap which makes the help they are trying to give hard to use. Aside from the internet issues, the DVR is great.

Date Added: 01/10/2012 by Meredith
I get good reception anywhere inside on the receiver. Night vision range is better than expected.

Date Added: 11/30/2010 by brian schenk
This camera works better than I expected. The image is about the clearest I've seen over a composite video source. I can make out details very well. The color saturation is very true, and the night vision is incredible. I can easily see my entire front porch at night, and even almost all the way to the garage. I'm definitely going to buy a few more of these units in the future.

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