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Blue LED light for car is the most popular color in 2013

The beauty of any LED lightbar is they are virtually maintenance free and more importantly they are very energy efficient. Most law enforcement agency vehicles will have a lightbar on them and in most cases; there will be Blue LED light incorporated into that lightbar. The two reasons alone on maintenance and energy saving was enough to get most agencies and emergency services interested in LED lightbars. The led strip lights for cars were not very common until fairly recently as they were very expensive to buy.

Blue LED light is very popular in lightbars because of its high visibility in most weather and light conditions. As to the benefit of LED lights on a vehicle there really isn't too much to go wrong with them. Unlike other forms of lighting LED lights have no moving parts and the LED bulbs themselves will give a massive number of hours burn time. The LED lightbars are so energy efficient they produce little drain on battery power, and that is crucial to emergency vehicles. The older type of halogen bulbs often needed to be replaced and that was a cost implication as well as a vehicle down time implication.

24CM LED Car Light Waterproof Blue Grill Light 12V LED lights are easy to install in many of the LED units and that is also another plus for this type of lighting, Blue LED light is mainly used on lightbars with other colours. It's rare you would just see a Blue LED light bar in operation, although it is a possibility. The colours in lightbars can be mixed and matched depending on your area of work and department. The power used by Blue LED light or indeed any other colour LED light is significantly less than strobe or halogen light. Studies show that LED light draws far less power and that means that radios, in-car computers, radar etc can all be used as well as the full range of emergency lighting on the vehicle.

One thing you will notice about any LED light is they are incredibly bright. The output of light is far higher, and this gives maximum visibility. The Blue LED light is particularly bright giving an icy piercing light, which can be invaluable in highlighting a stationary vehicle. LED light units can be programmed easily to various different flash patterns and even to display direction arrows to direct traffic. The old lighting units on emergency vehicles were not as sophisticated, which is why they have steadily been replaced.

Interestingly Blue LED light isn't blue! LED light is colourless and the colour comes from the cover. blue led strip lights units and lightbars can be manufactured to be very low profile on a vehicle and this can also help with fuel consumption, as there is less drag. The fitting of Blue LED light and other LED units on vehicles is possible because the costs have come down significantly in recent years. LED lighting was once prohibitively priced as it wasn't made in vast numbers. As to the Blue LED light, it is now something you will see everywhere, in homes, in workplaces and of course on emergency vehicle lightbars.

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