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Converted xenon bulbs of HID Conversion Kit Components

A regular kit basically contains converted xenon bulbs, key electrical converter-the ballasts, indispensable wire harness and other accessories for installation. What does an Single Beam HID Kit consist of? What is the purpose of each HID kit component? Here is a general illustration of a regular HID kit.

Xenon bulbs

headlight bulbs A regular HID kit is specially designed and made for a particular car model and model year. A typical kit usually contains two converted xenon bulbs for driver side headlight and passenger side headlight respectively. Most bulbs feature low beam and to replace OEM halogen low beam bulb. This is because the strong glare from the bulb is very likely to dazzle and hurt the eyes of drivers of oncoming cars. In order to avoid bad accidents, high beam xenon bulbs are not permitted in most countries.

Color temperature is another important parameter of the bulb. It varies dramatically from 4300 Kelvin to 30000 Kelvin. Common temperatures include 4300K, 6000K, 8000K and 12000K, and each of them implies a certain light color from the bulb. For instance, 6000K bulb produces crystal blue light and 8000K produces aqua blue light. You can choose bulbs with color temperature you need according to your own car information.

Electrical Ballasts

Electric ballast works to provide the proper starting and operating electrical condition to power xenon bulb. It converts the normal voltage to up to 23KV, activated by which the bulb will produce luminous light. An Single Beam HID Kit basically contains the two ballasts. Slim ballast and regular ballast are two main types adopted in HID headlight upgrade. The case is you have to connect the ballasts to the converted xenon bulbs as well as your headlight housings by using the wire harness and other accessories for installation.

Wire Harness and Accessories for Installation

Wire harness of an best HID kit should go with the socket type of bulb. For example, a 9004 bulb can only be matched with 90004 wire harness; a 9007 bulb can only be matched with 9007 wire harness. Every single HID kit contains the right and corresponding wire harness to the bulbs. When you are choosing a kit, master its characters and check if it fit your OEM headlights.

Here are more useful details about Single Beam HID Kit among which you are sure to find the right for your own car.

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