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Choosing the Color of HID Bulbs when buying

The appeal of HID kits when buy hid bulbs. HID Kit and hid bulbs dramatically improve driving visibility especially at night and in poor driving conditions such as rain, as they produce three hundred percent more light than halogen bulbs, covering up to seventy per cent more of the road in front of the driver. They also attract people because the bluer hue of light is extremely eye-catching and looks elegant and expensive as it is often seen on luxury cars.

Color temperature

The differences in color produced by HID Kit come from the ignition of the xenon gas inside the bulb. The color temperature of the HID bulb which is measured in Degrees Kelvin determines the color at which the light will burn. In HID kits this usually ranges from 4300K to 12000K.

Light output

Many believe think that the higher the color temperature, the brighter the light output. Contrary to this common misconception, the lower the Degrees Kelvin the greater the light emitted. Therefore, if improving your driving visibility is your primary reason for purchasing and installing a HID kit, it is best to choose HID conversion kits with 4300K. Above this, light output decreases slightly, for example, a 8000K bulb will have ten per cent less brightness than a 6000K bulb. While a 4500K bulb will produce three times the light of a traditional halogen one, 10000K HID bulbs will only produce twice the light of halogen bulbs.

Color range

Halogen headlamps have a color temperature or around 3200K which produces their yellow appearance. A HID bulb with 4500K gives optimal visibility and produces a fairly white light with a slightly yellow hue. This light is the closest to daytime sunlight and therefore the most natural kind which is easiest on the eyes. 6000K is one of the most popular colors as it is the purest of white light with a slight hint of blue, combining the two appealing features of HID kits: greater light output and a distinctive HID headlight color. The next common temperature color after this is 8000K which has a stronger blue hint. 10000K - 12000K produces a deep blue to violet light respectively. It's the law

The color of light you choose is largely a matter of personal preference. However, there are strict international regulations on the color and intensity of light used by vehicles for driving. HID headlights up to 8000K meet these requirements for white light. The light produced from these HID kits clearly appears white. Furthermore, if the units are set at the right height, there is less light reflected into the eyes of oncoming drivers and the lighting is less irritating than halogen headlights because of its resemblance to daylight. However, when certain crystals are introduced to increase the Kelvin temperature and intensify the blue tint in 10000K and 12000K bulbs, there is the risk of the light being illegal. Therefore, it is very important to check that the bulbs you choose are legal where you live.

Energy efficiency

Another misconception is that HID Kit must put out a huge amount of heat but electric consumption is actually 24 per cent less than halogen bulbs since HID bulbs use only 35 watts compared to the 55 watts of halogen bulbs. Therefore, HID bulbs are very efficient producing much more light using less power.

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