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Best kitchen faucets make your kitchen more and more beautiful

If you are in the market for a cheap kitchen faucet and want to know which ones are the best, then you’re in the right place! We’ve compiled a short list of faucets that we feel stand out from the rest. We’ve classified a top faucet for each of the major classes available, Pull-Out, Bridge, Two Handle, Single Handle, Modern, Cost Efficient and Luxury (that means expensive.) So let’s get started!

Our pick for a great Pull Out Kitchen Faucet is the Delta Pilar Single Handle pull down kitchen faucets with Soap Dispenser and Diamond Seal Technology in brilliance stainless. This is the hottest kitchen faucet on the market right now. Not only does it look great and this version comes with a handy soap / lotion dispenser, it has Delta’s Touch20 Technology incorporated into the faucet. Meaning you can touch the faucet anywhere on the faucet neck or the handle to turn in on and off. It is also smart enough to know when you are touching it on and off as opposed to moving swiveling the neck from one side of the sink to the other. This Pilar model faucet has Delta’s Magnatite spray head docking system and Diamond Seal Technology, so the spray head won’t hang down and the faucet won’t leak like some other pull down faucets. You get all this for about $330, which isn’t bad for all this faucet brings to your kitchen.

Bridge Kitchen Faucets mimic the old, old style of faucets, when the plumbing pipes used to be above the counter as opposed to below. This is a great style for anyone looking to bring a bit of the early 1900′s into their home. Our pick is the American Standard Culinaire Collection Bridge Kitchen Faucet, in a satin nickel finish. The faucet is incorporated with American Standard’s Everclean technology to make cleaning your faucet a breeze and looking great for years to come. The Culinaire is a little pricier at around $475 but worth every penny if you are looking for a true quality bride kitchen faucet.

Our choice for a Two Handle Kitchen Faucet is the Moen Vestige Two-Handle Kitchen Faucetwith Side Spray, in an oil rubbed bronze finish. We like this faucet for its old world styling that seems to look awesome in any kitchen on just about any countertop surface. The Vestige is intricately detailed and has a great high arch design to handle even the biggest pots and pans. Moderately priced around $370, we feel this would be a great quality two handle faucet for any kitchen.

Single Handle Kitchen Faucets can be the focal point of your entire kitchen and that’s exactly what the Danze Parma Single Handle Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucet will do for your kitchen. For the serious gourmet, the massive 22″ high goose neck can easily reach every nook and cranny in the sink. But don’t let its size fool you, with a simple touch of your finger the 2 function spray head easily switches from a steady flow to a powerful spray. All of this happens on a spring action wand head to make cleanup a cinch. Priced at $330, this faucet could easily be the center of attention at your next party.

For those with a more modern / contemporary taste we recommend the classically stainless steel, Moen 90 Degree Single Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet is a VERY cool addition to your kitchen. The 90 Degree has smart pullout functionality with excellent reach for all your kitchen needs. This faucet comes with Hydrolock Quick Connect for easy installation and more importantly a Moen innovation, the Duralast 1255 cartridge. The 1255 cartridge is Moen’s crown jewel; this technology inside the faucet makes your faucet feel tight and new for a long, long time. Nicely priced at $300 the 90 degree is a quality faucet that appeals to the most contemporary tastes.

If budget is an issue for you, then the Delta Collins Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Matching Side Spray is a solid faucet for your dollar. The Collin’s faucet still has Delta’s signature Diamond Seal Technology for a leak free faucet and the neck swivels 170 degrees to easily reach both bowls of your kitchen sink. Priced around $130 this is a dependable and stylish faucet for the everyday kitchen.

If a luxury faucet is what you’re after, take a gander at the KWC Eve One Handle Pull-OutSpray Kitchen Faucet. It really doesn’t matter what finish you choose, these bad boys are expensive! Weighing in at $1350, this is not the faucet for you if you’re on a tight budget. So why are they so expensive? I got this from the KWC website “KWC is the leader for luxury kitchen faucets in private and professional fields which successfully combines Swiss innovation with technology, precision and fascination. KWC is Water Performance.” The company is Swiss and was founded in 1874, so they’ve had a long time to perfect their craft. It’s like buying the Lamborghini of faucets (I know that’s Italian but I can’t think of any Swiss cars) and like everything else you get what you pay for. Plus this Eve Kitchen Faucet has a nifty LED light on the faucet head so you can….do your dishes in the dark?

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